Thank you, Headmaster....

"Headmaster is an assignment-based queer print publication based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Smart and sexually provocative, Headmaster appeals to a discerning audience of man-lovers."  That's what it says on their website and it is very true. I got a very sweet email (after a particularly shitty day teaching) from Jason Tranchida, one of the editors of Headmaster.  He told me about the magazine (I loved name) and sent me a copy.  I loved it and was thrilled that he and the editors were considering me for an assignment.

The email containing my assignment was very enigmatic:

"Choose three or more characters from various works of literature.

Create a series* of paintings placing these characters in a single contemporary context.

The paintings, as a series, must expose the characters’ relationships to each other.

* 5–7 paintings."

I was a bit stupefied.  I could not for a second imagine how to do something like this but Jason (like any good headmaster) clarified things for me.  I got another email from him and after reading it I started thinking about Fassbinder's Querelle. I watched the movie years ago but I felt the urge to see it again.  I was really in love with Brad Davis.

I created a suite of paintings called for genet that you can see in Headmaster No. 2.  This issue also features the work of Stéphane BarbierJesse Burke (who also took the stunning cover photograph), Heyd FontenotKrys FoxSteven FrostM KitchellJohnny MurdocJoseph Segal, and Thomas Weidenhaupt.  The work, layout, and presentation are sexy, elegant, and captivating.  It's great company to be in.