Here's what we know....

There is no safe place for black people in America. Black people do not have the presumption of innocence.  The law is not organized for their protection, rather it is organized around their annihilation.

There are highly funded media outlets and personalities that perpetuate racist stereotypes and hate speech against black people.

When black people are attacked or killed by the state, their attackers are not subjected to a vigorous prosecution.

Cases of black women who are missing or murdered are ignored or not given priority, even in the case of a serial killer preying upon a community.

Unarmed black people are perceived as more dangerous than armed police officers.

Black girls are so dangerous that officers need to subdue them with force.

Any offense a black person commits is punishable by incarceration or summary execution.

Images of black people being brutalized by the state are used to affirm black criminality.

Agents of the state who kill unarmed black children in their homes are rarely (if ever) charged or convicted.

A police officer, even off-duty, can kill a black girl and expect the benefit of the doubt, paid leave, and counseling upon their return to work.

Black people of any age are not allowed to carry toy weapons in open carry states.

In interactions with the police, black people should abandon any expectation of a right to life.

Black people can be arrested for resisting arrest even if they have not been advised of any other charges against them.

When your black loved one is killed by the state, you will be subjected to video of their death on all forms of media.

Racism allows legal activities of black people, including the President, to be framed in criminality under the guise of "debate."